They are labeled as stoner, grunge and garage. Duke John is all of the above, and then again, not so much. Duke John is a serious alternative stonerrock band that consists of heavy riffs and aggressive guitar sounds, influenced by the likes of Radio Moscow, Queens of the Stoneage and Kyuss.
After a recent drummer-switch the band is made up out of three musicians with an exceptionally strong chemistry. Since their first EP ‘Tales of the Road’, a few tryouts and winning the Utrecht Popprijs they have been working on new material. This is supposed to be more aggressive as well as intelligent, variable and mature.
Duke John plays with such ease that it hides the fact they haven’t been around for that long. But they are absolutely ready for it.
Radio Moscow | Queens Of The Stone Age | Kyuss
Stoner Rock
Jannes van Kaam | Gitaar + Vocals
Tristan van Selm | Bass + Vocals
Marc van Dongen | Drums
Place of Birth